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I've travelled many roads and worn many different hats. I did some good things and also made my fair share of mistakes. Along the way, I met a ton of great people and learned quite a bit about living day to day through life's various Seasons. It'd be my joy to share the best of what I've learned with you.

How Can I Help?

Life is tough. Sometimes it's helpful to talk about things.

What's your biggest challenge right now?

I'm no expert. I'm neither a therapist, a psychiatrist, nor a guru. But I am good at listening. I've walked beside myriad people through countless ups and downs, and I have certainly faced my own inner and outer trials and shortcomings. I have no judgment or shame to offer -- only  acceptance, understanding, and advice.  My promise is to listen to you like you were family and offer the same thoughtful guidance I'd give my own loved ones. It's your choice what you do with it from there, but at minimum, you'll have a another caring perspective to consider. 

We can talk about it.

Personal or Professional. Home or Work. Education or Career. Relationships, Dating, or Marriage. Parenting and Children. Sex and Sexuality. Goals and Discipline. Struggles and Setbacks. Spiritual or Secular. Individuals or Couples. I'm open to hear and share. And I'll always give you my honest thoughts.

So how can I help? Reach out and request your session today!

$99/ online session for up to 50 minutes

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