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Peaches Are For Pleasure!

We set out to write a book about female sexual equality. By the time we were finished, we'd created an ode to female orgasmic ecstasy, a guidebook for making wives deliriously happy!

This is the nitty gritty of diving in and celebrating the vulva in all of its glory. Part cheerleader and part drill instructor, "The Proper Way" highlights the beauty of God's Design and sets the bar high when it comes to making her come. Hope you're hungry!

-michael & connie smith


200 pages 

Adults ONLY



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Read what others are saying...

"Thank you guys for sharing The Proper Way To Eat a Peach. I’ve been searching for tools to understand my wife's body, and I am realizing I have NOT been doing a good job at all!!!! I had to repent to her. Though I have been doing much better and intend on becoming a “master” at this, I'm amazed at how little most men (including myself) really understand about the complexity of the vagina. Thanks again."Anonymous


"This book has gone a long way to increase and enhance our sex life as a married couple. We are more transparent with each other than ever before and each day we grow to appreciate its teachings more and more. This book keeps it VERY real...and is a must have for ALL Married Couples. God richly bless you, Pastors Michael & Connie. Please keep these powerful nuggets coming our way!" —T.K. London, United Kingdom

"Oh my goodness!! This book answered so many questions that ran in my mind concerning the 'Christian marriage bed.' I often wondered why it seems as if everyone enjoys sex but those who are married. I read this book with my husband. We discussed, agreed, and laughed together. It set me free from some personal 'sexual bondage,' both physically and emotionally. Thank you so much Pastors Mike and Connie for your openness, transparency & honesty! EACH CHAPTER WAS RAW & REAL!!  I have marked up most of my pages, chapters 3, 5, 8 & 9  with blue marker! The truths in this book will enhance, enlighten and bless every marriage that gets it. The freedom of full enjoyment in our bedroom has escalated, My husband had always been gentle, loving, and patient with me, but I kept holding up 'Yield' signs. Those signs are gone!! We really grabbed hold of the chapter on 'After.'  We are a blessed and very fulfilled couple. There's no shame in our love chamber!! We so appreciate you guys for this book!!!" —V.P. Jacksonville, Florida

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