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A Powerful Parable for All Ages!

I wrote "Stewart" for elementary and middle school kids. I had no idea his story would bless and inspire so many grown ups too.

Boys love Stewart's story. Girls love Stewart's story. Moms, Dads, Grandma's, and Grandpa's LOVE Stewart's story. We've even had entire classrooms put on plays inspired by Stewart's story. This book has taken on a life of its own. I am beyond grateful!

-michael t. smith

82 Pages

Age 8 & Up



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Read what others are saying...

"It's a very unique book. Rating on a chart of 10, I'd say this book is an 11! I really love page 28, page 52, and page 53. GREAT JOB!!!" —T.H. (age 9) Monroe, Georgia


Stewart and the Magic Dungarees is a delightful book with many life lessons for kids and adults of all ages. I consider it a real find as a teacher who teaches a diverse group of learners who rely on differentiation of instruction to meet their varying needs. This book provided opportunities for lessons that are academic and rooted in standards; in addition to life skills and character education. I was able to use the book to make cross-curriculum connections with math and executive functioning, which included planning and setting goals. 
Overall, as a teacher, this book helped me be creative with extension lessons that were meaningful and interesting. Perhaps more than anything, my students enjoyed meeting the 'real' Stewart and the author of this book." 
C.L. (Educator) Atlanta, Georgia

"FIVE STARS! I would love to have Dungarees like Stewart's. The drawings were amazing; they fit right in with the story." —C.K. (age 12) Minot, North Dakota

"I bought the book for my kids, but wanted to read it first.   Once I started I couldn't put it down.  It was original and captured my attention from the first sentence.  I gleaned a lot from it as an adult and my kids enjoyed it, too." —A.W. Centerville, Virginia

Stewart & The Magic Dungarees is very well written. It is intriguing! Once I started reading it, I did not want to put it down. Both children and adults will enjoy this book! I easily rate it 10 out 10! Prepare to be inspired and intrigued!" —A.M. Evans, Georgia

"I read this book to my sons (age 9 & almost 12). We were immediately sucked in. I loved their gasps and reactions as we read through it. The book also sparked some great conversations and got their imaginations going. I HIGHLY recommend this book for ALL ages. I didn't even have to ask my kids if they loved because we all speak unspoken." —N.B. Everett, Pennsylvania

"Stewart & the Magic Dungarees was a great book to read in my opinion. I enjoyed how it could apply to real life and taught me a very valuable lesson. 11/10" —K.D. (age 8)  Jacksonville, Florida

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