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There's Power in Divine Relationships!

I always knew this was the first book I would write. It's an homage to the man and woman who laid the foundation for my faith and ministry life. It's a love story, a testament to how God works in our lives through the loving example of our spiritual leaders. 

100 Lessons chronicles my yet-unfolding journey as a Christian minister. It's ideal for Pastors, Lay Leaders, and anyone who appreciates the beautiful feet of those who teach and model the Way of Christ. I pray God's Love shines brightly upon your own story as you read.

-michael t. smith


392 pages 

All Ages



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Read what others are saying...

"I am currently rereading '100 Lessons from My Spiritual Father.' It has been huge blessing. I appreciate the wisdom and perspective you offer. It has helped me better understand what pastors go through." —C.B. New York, New York

"I started reading this book desiring clarity and understanding of what a Spiritual Father is and how to honor mine.  I had questions about who to call my Spiritual Father and this book answered all my questions and gave such insight.  It's definitely a must read." —A.W. Centerville, Virginia

"There are some books you simply read and enjoy, and then there are others that you keep coming back to over and over. 100 Lessons from My Spiritual Father, Volume 1, is the latter. At this point, I’ve read it through at least ten times, and I glean new information from the layers of knowledge and wisdom woven in the fabric of every individual page. Pastor Michael T. Smith has written a highly underrated classic that will stand the test of time. In this book, he seamlessly weaves narrative, theology, poignant asides, and of course, the lessons and the implications thereof that he has learned from his spiritual father. I highly recommend this life changing book to any and all believers!" D.N. Haslet, Texas

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