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GML - S1:E1 - "The New Adventures of Old Mike & Connie"

***NOTE: unlike most of our marriage content, this episode is safe for singles and marrieds alike***

This is our VERY FIRST "Great Married Life" broadcast. Connie and I have had a vision for many years of capturing some of the honest, unscripted dialog in our bedroom and using it as a tool for mentoring and ministering to other married couples. This first episode is completely organic and went in a direction neither of us thought it would go.

We talk about living everyday life as a Christian, extending God's tangible Grace to a hurting world, and other sensitive topics related to race and racism and childhood. We almost didn't share this first hour of conversation because it felt so far from what we originally envisioned. After spending time in prayer, we both felt we should go forward because it embodied the EXACT type of late-night conversations we have in our bedroom. It can't get any more real or (hopefully) relatable than this.

Connie and I hope you enjoy this first episode. The back half of our conversation will air soon. It deals with some DEEP and graphic sexual topics in marriage. For now, enjoy the conversation as it happened. I pray God will speak something to your heart as you listen.


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