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Declaration of Autonomy


Why are we not a church or a non-profit religious organization?


We believe this new Season of ministry requires independence from “group think,” freedom from cumbersome government restriction (except as it relates to corporate compliance), and unnecessary  budgetary overhead. Further, we deem it  counterproductive to filter/subject our teachings and content to the opinions of stockholders and stakeholders, donors and contributors, or advertisers and influencers.


The time has come for us to FREELY share what God has laid on our hearts—without reservation, without fear, and without obligation to any religious, political, or social agenda. We have set our gaze upon the Lord, to hear and speak as we feel led. We endeavor to share what we believe is relevant to this Hour, unfiltered and unmodified.


Our decision to NOT apply for tax-exempt status as a “Religious Organization” was not made lightly. In the end, we felt it wise to avoid any potential restrictions a 501(c)(3) designation may have on our free speech, especially in the political and commercial arenas.


Your contributions to our efforts, though not tax deductible, are welcomed and needed. Please know that we are grateful to God for any and all who see value in what we have to offer. At the same time, we must advise those inclined to support us that our course and trajectory in the Spirit prevent us from granting favors, kickbacks, paybacks, or special access to anyone in connection to their support. We feel our assignment is too important to allow it to be tainted by carnal forms of influence, entrée, or exchange.


If you receive value from the content we provide, please consider helping our Work to continue. The messages we make freely available to all are made possible by the few who believe in us enough to ACT. We are ever grateful to God for those who give.


In His Service,


-michael & connie

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