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A New


We have entered unfamiliar territory in ministry, a Season of great trepidation and expectation unlike anything we've known. Our hearts are enlarged. Our reach is wider. Our passion to share Christ's Life & Love is stronger than ever.


For THose Who Long To See Christ

For every good thing that can be said of the Church throughout history, there is surely an equally awful thing that can be justly laid to its charge. Individually, Christ-professing people are no more or less flawed than other humans, but collectively, Christians share a legacy that is at once wholly befitting and completely unbecoming to Christ. 

To those who have lost sight of Christ through the misguided actions of His perfectly imperfect human ambassadors (you and me included), we humbly offer this refreshed and renewed endeavor to present Him more accurately.  

To those who have never known Him, may His Light shine brightly though our efforts despite our human frailty .

Who In This Season

Connection to a faith community is integral to the Christian experience and vitally important for growth and development. Christ-followers need a place to unite in worship and service, a congregation where divisions and differences are overshadowed by shared humanity and common faith.

Change is part and parcel of an Adventure with God; doors open and doors close as He wills. Sometimes the only thing wrong with where we are is that our Season has shifted; it's time to move on.

To those seeking spiritual nourishment during their  transition from one faith community to the next, our table is open.


For THose In Search of Community


For THose Thriving In Community

Most Christians are actively plugged into a dynamic faith community, serving and supporting one another as they connect and worship together.  


Though grateful for where they are, many believers find themselves longing for more in their understanding of Christ and His Will for their lives. They seek a larger lens through which to view the world around them and  practical guidance in translating their personal faith into an actionable worldview—at home, at work, and within their micro and macro communities.  

To those looking to supplement their current spiritual diet in hopes of fully integrating their knowledge of Christ into their public and private lives, our table is open. 

As former pastors, we appreciate the immense weight and responsibility of feeding, guiding, and covering the Flock of God. Further, we are sympathetic to the unique challenges of serving a diverse congregation in our culturally disjointed climate.   


While our Global LRN (Leadership ReSource Network) initiative is designed to equip and empower leaders in both spiritual and secular arenas, our greatest offering to those who lead within a faith community is the spiritual sustenance and intercessory covering we provide.

To all who lead and feed others in the service of Christ, our table is open. 


For THose Who Lead In  Community

For THose Creating A Community


We are living in an unprecedented hour. The Church at large is shifting to a more agile, more integrated, and less centralized iteration of its former self. We have entered a time of increasing emphasis on apostolic voices and a decreasing focus on formalized organizations & entities.


Traditional churches and mega-churches will remain (as they should), but there will also be a notable emergence of small, self-sustaining faith communities in connection with the emerging apostolic voices. These new congregations will be streamlined, purpose-built versions of the NT model—complete with local leadership, covering care, engaged constituents, generational discipleship, and community impact.  

To those called to create a faith community on the foundation and authority of Christ, our table is open.

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